Middle Ages for Educators

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Welcome to Middle Ages for Educators, designed for teachers, students, and all who research and learn about the Middle Ages (c. 300-1500 C.E.). We offer short videos and lesson plans from some of the world’s specialists on various medieval topics for students and teachers to use. During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we have all had to adjust our teaching and learning to an entirely online format, so our goal is to offer content that is accessible, entertaining, and user-friendly. 

Each of the posts is written by medievalists who offer a short introduction, a couple of key images/videos, suggested guidelines for how to use the material, and then some questions for students to think about after reading and viewing the material. The first XX we have posted discuss key moments in medieval history – from the Fall of the Roman Empire to the beginnings of the Renaissance – so that teachers have material on the basic building blocks to supplement a course. From there, we have added intriguing, notable, and enlightening posts that can offer interesting stories that talk about what life was like during the Middle Ages. The posts aren’t meant to substitute for traditional lectures, but to provide additional information and ideas about the Middle Ages.

We know that everyone is figuring out online teaching as they go, so there won’t be one right, or even practical, way to teach online. What we provide here are digital resources that offer independent learning for students, which can be assigned to supplement all the teaching you are already doing. It is our hope that you find it useful, but please feel free to suggest other topics of interest or volunteer to do a post!